Peter Wolf Tearing It Up on Tour (and on TV)

06/14/2010 09:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You could say that Huffington Post has been solidly behind Peter Wolf's latest solo album Midnight Souvenirs.

Let's see. Sal Nunziato let you know it was a killer back in March.

Michael Bialis cross-posted his in-depth profile of Wolf for No Depression in April.

Jesse Kornbluth raved in May that Midnight Souvenirs is the CD of the year. (Or the digital download of the year, if you prefer your music in ones and twos.)

Sal Nunziato gave his typically rambling, insightful, personal review of a tremendous concert featuring Wolf and Bettye LaVette in NYC in late May that made you feel like you'd actually been there. (He doesn't review concerts so much as recreate the feeling he had while attending them.) That appeared on his own website, but he's such a HuffPost regular it counts.

I even gave a shout out to the CD in an unconnected post about another great CD of the year from Sharon Jones.

And why not? It's easily one of the most entertaining, wildly raucous and just plain exciting albums of 2010. (Wolf was a key member of the J. Geils Band and for some reason his solo work has never gained as much attention as that group -- God knows why.)

I was gutted to miss that concert with Wolf and LaVette. But I have been catching him on TV, where Wolf has been incredibly captivating. (Have I used enough positive adverbs for you yet? Buy the CD)

Here he is on David Letterman's show singing "I Don't Wanna Know."

Tell me that wasn't awesome. It's really hard to give a good performance on TV. And even if you do, the studio audience -- which has spent hours waiting in line and then sat through 50 minutes of talk -- simply isn't primed for a concert, so they rarely respond with energy. But the roof almost came off the place for Wolf. He's playing in Boston with the J. Geils Band for a show, which is so exciting I'd make a road trip if I thought I could get good seats for less than $1000. I'm not sure why his tour was so abbreviated. It only hit a few cities in May. Here's hoping you'll be smart enough to buy his CD and that will send Geils back out on the road before the end of the year.

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