08/26/2010 02:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Robbie Williams Goes Brokeback

Only the Brits would ever be cheeky enough to do something like this. Robbie Williams has reunited with boy band supergroup Take That but first he has a new single off his greatest hits compilation. It's a duet with fellow Take That-er Gary Barlow called "Shame" and the video is absolutely priceless. Spoof isn't quite the right word: it's an homage to Brokeback Mountain, with Williams and Barlow in a dusty small town, staring moodily at each other as they walk down the street, dance with their unseen -- and apparently unimportant -- girlfriends and so on. By the finale, they're sitting on a cliff, with Gary stroking Robbie's plaid shirt and then the shirts come off. It's not campy or silly -- though the result is indeed hilarious -- and it works so brilliantly because they were so close together in the craziness of Take That and then split apart but are now back together. Someone else might have done a satire on Brokeback and played it for laughs. This one gets the laughs but is just delightful. His three-CD compilation is due out October 12. He never quite broke out in the US, but Williams is a huge star in the rest of the world.

Here's the video, followed by the original Brokeback Mountain trailer.

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