04/11/2012 06:01 am ET Updated Jun 11, 2012

Songs For Sports, A HuffPost Sports Playlist

When the bullpen doors at Yankee Stadium fly open, it begins. The crowd roars and rises to its feet. And its not just the sight of a slender Panamanian relief pitcher lightly trotting toward the mound that thrills the pinstriped throng. It's the explosion of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" from the speakers. With the song reverberating throughout this corner of the Bronx, it seems inexplicable that any opposing hitter could muster the courage to get a hit. Of course, that cutter helps.

The Philadelphia Eagles have "Fly Eagles Fly." The Baltimore Orioles have "Oriole Magic." Nearly every sports team has an anthem Some of these stadium songs have been played years while others are fad tunes that fans latched onto during a particularly memorable season.

Whether you're sick of it or not, it's hard to deny that oft-repeated songs like "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation pumps up the crowd after someone throws down a monster dunk. But before the players create those memorable moments, they're getting amped up by whatever they've got pulsing through their own headphones. When they take to their stage -- be it court, pitch, gridiron or diamond -- they may then be serenaded by fans belting out a rendition of "Seven Nation Army." Music has its role before, during and, most certainly, after any game. After all, when a team wins the whole thing, you can bet "We Are The Champions" by Queen gets played.

Sports can also inspire music but we'll save that for another playlist. Here are a group of songs that you'll likely recognize from a stadium near you.