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Michael Klosson
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We Can Make a Difference in the Horn of Africa -- Right Now and for Good

Posted July 22, 2011 | 14:42:54 (EST)

In my daily American life, rain has often struck me as an inconvenience. Will I get soaked walking to the metro? Will I have to cancel that weekend bike ride?

After three weeks in East Africa, I can only view such worries for the luxuries they are....

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Let us not Forget Pakistan's Flood-Affected Population

Posted October 7, 2010 | 17:43:36 (EST)

The devastation I saw in Pakistan last week, brought about by once-in-a-century floods, remains a huge challenge for millions of displaced people in that country. The plight of the displaced -- while comparable to a flood affecting the entire population of New York state and forcing almost half of the...

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