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Los Angeles Film Festival: Video Interview With Lisa Leeman and Cristina Colissimo About One Lucky Elephant

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One Lucky Elephant is more than the saga of a good-hearted St. Louis circus owner who would like to find greener pastures for his beloved pachyderm, Flora. It's an emotionally charged argument for reconsidering how we treat all animals. Director Lisa Leeman and co-producers Cristina Colissimo and Miriam Cutler labored over ten years to capture the "interspecies bonding" between the moody Flora and her doting guardian who struggles to redeem a decision he now regrets: Adopting the elephant in her youth and thereby isolating her from her own kind. The film is full of comic and poignant moments between human and beast, but it never stops working as a drama of conscience and consequence. Hear what Leeman and Colissimo have to say about their film by clicking here:

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