05/22/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Iran, The Pope, The Sign of Aries and You

It may come with or without the famous Sondheim, click, shock phone jingle and door knock, but something is coming. Something big. Astrologers call it the crossing of the planet Uranus with the beginning or zero point of the sign of Aries. It hasn't happened in more than eighty years, not since Hitler and the Great Depression were just about to hit the papers, so it is definitely going to be huge.

And It will certainly annoy the cojones off President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Annoyance doesn't even begin to describe it. It will be way more irritating than sand in his lubricant, that's for sure. This planetary aspect is all about revolution, or at least rebellion, which will erupt abruptly by the month of May. Aries always symbolizes the spirit of independence, the indomitable urge to exist in spite of any obstacle. It is the unbridled desire to live openly, freely and honestly, and in many cases, that means anger. It is a fight against any and all repression that has come before. When it hits, people get pissed. It is a time when all the truth that has been hidden comes out. Explosions of emotion can no longer be concealed or suppressed. Everything that has been denied is revealed. Obviously this is not good news for poor Monsieur Ahmadinejad. He is Capricorn Rising, so his whole being is going to be devoted these days to putting out fires and quelling disobedience. His whole house will most likely be in an uproar. Not only are many young people in his country in the mood to give him the royal finger, but, with Uranus in Aries in the fourth house of his astrological chart, there will likely be rebellious children right there in his own family.

This planetary configuration will also have the Pope swilling Maalox back in Rome. He's got to be popping his cork now as well. He needs to remember that the genie is out of his own bottle, too. He was born with the planet Uranus right at this same point, so he can expect gigantic eruptions that will probably spray directly all over him. He is going to have to open the whole abuse thing wider than anybody would believe and wider than he would like to see happen. In fact, the whole issue of abuse and consensual sex will arise within in the clergy as will his personal need to expand the Church's view on the foibles of human behavior. He may blow a gasket, himself, but he's going to shock everybody.

How does this affect you and me? Well, if you live in Tehran, it is going to get really hot there in May and not only on the thermometer. Upheaval and unrest and the President's effort to squelch the noise will put you under strict watch. It you are a Catholic (and God forbid a priest), you are going to have to speak up or forever live with the guilt of not defending the rights of people to live openly and honestly, yourself included, mainly because you will have to look at all the times you took Communion after shamelessly shattering Commandment after Commandment.

And everybody else? Uranus at the Aries point will whack us all in the head. It would not surprise me one bit if some regular Joe who has lost his job after twenty years and whose health insurance won't pay for his wife's chemo after the same length of time he's been paying he premiums, just loses it, goes absolutely wild and attacks a CEO of a major corporation. He'll probably be labeled crazy, but deep down everyone will know he is merely acting out the wishes and feelings of half the people in the entire world.

Each one of us will be hit with the urge to rebel against whatever regime or life style we feel has been holding us down or keeping us back. The trick for the Iranian people, President Ahmadinejad, The Pope, Catholics everywhere and all the regular Joes and Janes of the world, including you and me: to integrate the irrepressible urge to live completely new, free and independent lives (true anarchy) into a social regime that demands order. This is a revolution that will define the term terrorism . Is terrorism actually the inevitable surfacing of rage on the part of those who perceive they have been repressed way too long? Or Is it merely mad and wanton destruction of a peaceful System?

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