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Michael Lutin

Michael Lutin

Posted: July 22, 2010 10:03 AM

The Astrology of Mel Gibson: He's So Darned Masculine You've Just Got To Wonder.

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Mel's current situation is actually a warning message to all Capricorns, and to everybody who was around back in 1955-1956 when Saturn squared Pluto from Scorpio to Leo, no matter what sign they were.

Gibson is at the very edge of the ultimate precipice.

No joke.

As your astrologer sees it, he's leaning over and looking down and deciding whether to jump or not. Fortunately, Capricorns usually pull themselves back at the very last second and go back to paying bills, amassing real estate and counting their money.
But this time...

This is actually a recurrence of Mel Gibson's Saturn Pluto obsession with sex and love, in that order. It's a narcissistic deprivation early in life that causes such a haunting preoccupation with macho image, and now that it's been tainted, Gibson would love to sell everything in the USA and go, not back to Australia, but back in time. Shrinks call it a flight into health, and it rarely works for long.

He stands now mentally and emotionally where Mad Max began after a nuclear holocaust, this one being his entire career. This is what happens to a lot of people when Pluto enters their sign: Whatever they were doing before Pluto hits, is over, just plain fucking over. Of course with power comes the rage, the murderous rage for all the injustices people believe has been perpetrated against them over the past umpteen years. And it can get really scary.

How someone deals with that anger is the source of the transformation, because when Pluto is in your sign you either completely change or die.


Mel Gibson isn't mad at his ex-wife or any of his girlfriends. He's mad at all women for their sexual power over him, and God knows what else. Of course! It's probably his mother.

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