08/18/2010 06:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Manhattan Mosque: A Solution

This week Saturn and Pluto cross once more as they did on September 11th, 2001, so its no surprise that wounds are reopened on both sides and new lines are being drawn in bloody sand.
Only the biggest moron would believe that all Muslims are trying to destroy American culture. Only idiots would question the rights of people to worship as they see fit. ( Although it does seem odd that people get persecuted by their neighbors for displaying Nativity scenes on their front lawn.) On the other hand only a fool would believe that the proposal to build a mosque in the shadow of the World Trade Center would not cause great pain and suffering to a great many people.
We hear the cries of those who say it is a cruel and annoying reminder of Islamic attempt at domination of the Western world.- as annoying as a pesky mosquito that swarms over your head at night just when you turn out the light, reminding that you will get no sleep that night. Then you have the back room politicians fueling the demonizing of the "terrorists", implicitly lumping them in with all of Islam. But why shouldn't peace-loving, God-fearing Muslims be free to build a house of worship, even if it is only a couple of blocks away from where some handful of crazy nuts caused death and mayhem? Isn't it wrong to condemn all for the actions of a few?.
Don't get all moist-eyed and start looking wistfully toward heaven or be quoting the Constitution or in any other way even try to pretend that the issue of where to build the proposed mosque in downtown York City is an innocent one. It has nothing to do with the principles on which America was founded, or religious freedom or anything but the re-emergence of an ancient and dark struggle between two cultures.
The fact is, this is still the same old stupid battle that has been going on since the First Crusade, and , who knows maybe before. To pretend anything else is naive. Throughout history tales of the blood thirsty infidels murdering innocent Christian women and children and all who refused to convert are as rich as the notion of the Western devils swarming across the rich ad fertile East to destroy the Muslim civilization, all the while exploiting it and profiting from the draining of its resources.
Of course we should all live freely each other in peace and harmony. But until the day when the cultures are merged and both surrender their fierce desire to dominate, the battle will continue. Until the day that the sword-swaggering patriarchies on both sides get hip to the fact that their day has come and gone, the battle will continue.
The solution of course is elegantly simple. Let's just let all the passionate, fertile and horny young people from both sides get together, fall in love, and have babies. That would solve it. Nobody can hate their grandchildren..
On another note: Like a nosey old neighborhood yenta who pokes her head into your open window to give advice on a subject that is none of her goddamned business, once again President Obama has spoken.
Michael Lutin