Uranus and Your War December 2011

12/06/2011 11:20 am ET | Updated Feb 05, 2012

Somebody is going to have to intervene here. Oh, God, no! Not the military. Not marital law. That happens and you can kiss freedom goodbye. If there continues to be absolutely no movement on either side, if nobody is willing to give in and compromise, the war is going to escalate and get out of hand.

What war?

Well the obvious one you see on TV, not to mention the war you're having in your own life.

You're not? Oh, yes you are. It's happening on a personal level as well as a political and economical one. In your life and in your government. It's everywhere. Think about it.

At this point it's just a war of ideas. Accusations are flying both ways. Everybody is defending their position, justifying the stand they are taking. Everybody is pissed at everybody else.

It's not going to stop, however.

The square between Uranus and Pluto has merely begun. And it's getting hotter right now. We're talking years here. This round goes to Uranus in Aries. The individual is fighting back.

Rage against oppression perceived and real incites the citizen to rise above against the regime -- a regime perceived to be corrupt, insensitive and avaricious. The greater the anger the more fierce the fight. The more fierce the fight the crueler the oppression. Why? The regime fears chaos. The regime reacts. It would be wonderful it we could all sit down to a cup of cocoa and marshmallows and talk it all out.

That will come, mainly because at the end of every war is peace.

This, however, is a time of world revolution. As Uranus goes forward at the first degree of Aries, some guy out there is likely to whack some CEO.

It's not local any more. Thanks to the Internet, everybody knows what is going on in every other part of the globe. People see it, and they say,

"Hey, yeah! What the hell are we sitting around for?"

At the same time certain cynical members of a certain elite group enjoy watching and even fomenting and adding to the chaos.

Easier to discredit. Easier to combat. Easier to crush.

Despair not. There is a solution. It's just not around the corner.

Golly, it's so too bad that Gene Roddenberry isn't around.

Who's Gene Roddenberry? Are you kidding? Now THAT's a great candidate for a world leader.

He's the guy who invented Star Trek.

Have to admit, though, as wonderful as that society was, everybody going boldly where noone had gone before seeking out new life and new civilizations, two things always bugged me:

1) No matter how altruistic they were, always obeying the Prime Directive NS NEVER interfering with the development of another society,

(Gee, they were a swell bunch), they could never avoid running into a gaggle of Klingons, Romulans, The Borg or some other hostile, selfish, aggressive, greedy species, even worse than the banks, credit cards companies and pharmaceutical corporations of OUR planet.

So the good folks of the Enterprise never got away from their dark side either.

And 2) How the hell did they get along without money?