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Michael Oher's 'Beat The Odds,' Memories Of Tuohy Family (PHOTOS)

Posted: 02/03/11 09:48 AM ET

I wrote "I Beat the Odds" for two main reasons. One is that I get asked a lot what I thought about the book and the movie The Blind Side and I wanted a chance to talk about some of the questions people have about how I was portrayed in the movie and about my life before I came to live with the Tuohys. Also, so many people seemed so touched by my story that I wanted to bring attention to what kids in the foster care system are dealing with so that people could have a better understanding of just how big and how widespread the need for loving, stable families really is.
*Courtesy of Gotham Books.

"I Beat the Odds" is available for pre-order now and will be in stores February 8.

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This is a school photo from around the third grade. This is the first picture I know of from my life.
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