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Michael Rogers

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[VIDEO] The Boys in Obama's Pocket

(9) Comments | Posted June 28, 2010 | 10:09 PM

For a few moments last week, the President carried in his pocket a picture of two boys standing in front of the White House, the younger one with his arm thrown across his older brother's shoulder.

The boys are at the heart of a lawsuit...

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Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum caught in rent boy scandal

(74) Comments | Posted May 11, 2010 | 7:53 PM

(Special thanks to Equality Florida and its ED Nadine Smith. EQFL provided valuable research for use by reporters and bloggers.)

Remember Mr. Haney of Green Acres fame? Out of nowhere he'd show up in his truck full of junk and try to sell you...

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Victory? You betcha!

(14) Comments | Posted December 23, 2008 | 12:16 PM

From the moment I heard about the Rick Warren controversy, I knew he would never be pulled off the program. That being said, when...

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Taking on an $8 billion company and winning in four days

(2) Comments | Posted November 18, 2008 | 10:26 AM

I'm tired.

I've been involved in the struggle for gay equality since 1986 and I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of the conflict in what has become a civil war between fair and just people who want nothing more than equality and the religious zealots who seek to control us....

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Jews for McCain

(0) Comments | Posted November 4, 2008 | 9:35 AM

I was going to write a long post about being kid from NYC growing grew up in a Jewish household who now is surprised to see how many self described liberal Jews are able to justify voting for McCain/Palin. (Forget, of course, that Obama has 100% from AIPAC and she...

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What is Mitch McConnell Hiding?

(51) Comments | Posted October 23, 2008 | 1:27 AM

Whispers about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) military service during the Vietnam War have been floating around Washington for years and were reported in print at least as far back as two campaigns ago. From the Kentucky Kernel of November...

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Sex, Drugs and Earmarks: Virgil Goode makes his party proud

(4) Comments | Posted October 15, 2008 | 1:33 PM

Virgil Goode Anti-gay Congressman
"How does Virgil Goode (R-VA) square his condemnation of gay and lesbian Americans while helping to make...
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Sarah, call me out

(4) Comments | Posted October 2, 2008 | 3:12 PM

Here's an idea of something Joe should say tonight

And, of course, I want to recognize Governor Palin's historic nomination. As she no doubt knows, I have spent an entire career dealing with challenges to women including the equal pay and violence against women. Now the governor knows that in...
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John McCain's Chief of Staff gay, wins Roy Cohn Award

(14) Comments | Posted September 22, 2008 | 4:26 PM

When the first source on today's Roy Cohn Award recipient came forward approximately six months ago, he and I decided to wait and see where the presidential...

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Madam Vice President

(31) Comments | Posted June 5, 2008 | 1:16 PM

She wants it.

She is going to accept if offered.

He has no other choice.

Option A: Anger enough of her supporters leaving her in the same gutter he repeatedly put that bowling ball in and he's toast -- Don't bother to call the movers. Option B: Pick her (or,...

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Yes, Condi, it is Relevant

(118) Comments | Posted September 14, 2007 | 6:06 PM

The House is Rice and Bean's.

Are you done laughing? Because, while it certainly has its funny side, it's really just another example of the hypocrisy of another conservative politician.

Secretary of State Condi Rice and another woman, documentary filmmaker Randy Bean, own a house together in Palo Alto,...

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No More 'Outing'

(7) Comments | Posted September 10, 2007 | 1:28 PM

In the Summer of 2004, I began to share my frustration about closted, anti-gay politicians and high-level staffers with my friends and acquaintances. During those chats and in strategy talks about the launch of the site -- many with my blogfather John Aravosis --...

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Enough is Enough

(36) Comments | Posted September 6, 2007 | 1:24 PM

The time when politicians can stand with one foot on the platform of homophobia and the other in the closet has come to an end.
Over three years ago -- within a month of the launch of my site, - the following landed in the inbox:
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An Open Letter to Straight America

(114) Comments | Posted August 9, 2007 | 11:49 AM

"There on the hill outside of Juarez [Mexico], the taste of dust in my mouth, I found myself face to face with the latest manifestation of a virulent capitalism in which masses of humanity become pawns for massive profits for a few. What does this mean, I thought, to gay...
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A New Corner of the Blogosphere Arrives

(9) Comments | Posted July 16, 2007 | 7:24 PM

The progressive gay blogosphere has arrived and the rest of the political world is cordially invited to take notice. The addition of former Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) to the upcoming Democratic presidential candidate forum sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and MTV's LOGO channel represents a sea change...

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No Need for Dancing Shoes Here...

(18) Comments | Posted May 16, 2007 | 12:58 PM

I am disappointed in the way many on the left are reacting to the death of Jerry Falwell. Do not get me wrong...I am not going to lose sleep over this. But I think the celebrations go over a line and will not serve us well.

Within hours of...

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Build a Wall... Keep 'Em in Virginia

(8) Comments | Posted May 15, 2007 | 5:11 PM

Every few years or so, the Washington Post runs a piece about the laws that restrict building heights in the nation's capital. In the most recent one, the focus of the article was one Christopher Leinberger, currently a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution and, according to his...

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