Thanksgiving 2010: 11 Tips to Keep You Fit From Thanksgiving to New Year's (PHOTOS)

11/23/2010 08:17 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Many people I coach as either patients or as the Enforcer on the Dr. Oz show ask how to make it from Thanksgiving to New Year's day without gaining weight or waist. Here are some of my best tips and dishes to keep you light. For dishes for the big days, like stuffing and turkey, I have help from my partner in Smart Foods, Mollie Katzen.

You can guess this is important to jobs in America (if we don't face the obesity issue as one of medical costs and thus national security, we won't be free in 20 years -- because the average North American gains one to three pounds a year, the same as he or she gains from Thanksgiving through New Year's. That's right: On average, from age 20 to 60, we gain 40 pounds in North America.

So how easy is it to avoid? Just some modifications to dishes and then a few easy rules. For example, a great tasting stuffing with 30 percent less calories and virtually no saturated fat just requires only a click or two, and some fun in the kitchen. Here are 11 tips (in short form) and a couple recipes to keep your clothes fitting as comfortably on January 2nd as on November 24th.

Thanksgiving 2010: 11 Tips For A Healthy Holiday Season (PHOTOS)