If You Were Tweeting About the 'Nerd Prom,' You Probably Weren't There

06/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Well it was a nice night, at least on television, where at home you could watch the White House Correspondents' Dinner and know that in fact you weren't really a part of it. Blogging about it afterward is a contrast to all the maniacs on Twitter, adding #nerdprom to their 140-character posts which was a sure sign that they weren't there; for instance, consider how many WHCD hash tags there were on Ashton Kutcher's Twitter page. The answer?

Off 2 the White house correspondents dinner. I'll shootnlive vid if something exciting happens. Maybe Obama will take the pee challenge lol

If Ashton can't find too much excitement, we won't blame him. Thinking back to earlier White House Correspondents' Dinners, like this one, it's worth noting that this one wasn't really about anything. Wanda Sykes, who is a true queen of comedy, told a lot of really great, solid jokes. But there was no consistent theme running through her routine, nor was there any running joke through President Obama's remarks. After all, President Obama's administration is 110 days old; how could there possibly be any consistent storyline when we're not entirely sure what this presidency's story will be?

(Other than the financial apocalypse that no one in this country can really get a handle on.)

When everyday we're not really sure what the news is, it's not shocking that we have trouble finding the real news story from this event. Still, there are some things we learned tonight:

  • Twitter is really for people who aren't at the big dance because it will take you three hours to find a tweet from someone who's actually there if you just search by hash tags.
  • AP's Jennifer "Mc" Loven is bringing back the big hair and giant earrings.
  • Michael Steele may in fact be blacker than President Obama.
  • Robert Gibbs laughs harder at President Obama's jokes than anyone else.
  • The farther away you get from the Beltway, the less you got Obama's joke about House Minority Leader John Boehner.
  • President Obama is ultimately a softy for the press: "We count on you to help us make sense of a complex world and tell stories of our complex lives the way they happen."
  • Another great line: "I look forward to working with you and answering to you."
  • According to Wanda Sykes, blackness is now correlated with success - "Who voted for the mulatto?"
  • A number of members of the press corps laughed a little too hard at the prospect of Vice President Biden getting kidnapped by terrorists.

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