Reinventing The Wheel With Vice President Cheney

10/23/2007 08:13 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Have no fear! The reinvention of government is here! And it only took six years for the White House to get us precisely the man we need to do the job of reorganizing American governance to deal with post-9/11 realities! That's what Vice President Dick Cheney appeared to say in a speech on Sunday:

From the morning of 9/11, we have assumed correctly that more strikes would be attempted against us. So we have made enormous changes to harden the target and to better prepare the nation to face this kind of emergency. We've reorganized the government to protect the homeland, and put good people in charge of big responsibilities. One of them is Judge Michael Mukasey, who presided over the trial of the Blind Sheikh and has a profound grasp on the work at hand. Judge Mukasey had his confirmation hearing this past week. He did a superb job. I believe he'll make an outstanding Attorney General.

The Vice President's own syntax kind of gives him away here. For one thing, Judge Mukasey is still a private citizen, not the Mister Attorney General the White House soon expects him to be. So, you could say, he's not in fact in charge of or responsible for anything.

But really, if he was the man for the job, why did it take 2 and 1/2 years of Alberto Gonzales before we hired Mukasey? Didn't the White House believe he had a "profound grasp on the work at hand" when they elevated him to be the guardian of America's laws?

We all know the truth. Gonzales spent his time profoundly grasping for control of a Justice Department whose civil servants traditionally tried to steer their way around the political interests that the White House spins up like cotton candy. And even in that, he did a poor job.

But hey, a broken clock has to be right at least once every eight years. It's good to know that with almost exactly one year remaining before we elect someone new, the White House is finally back on schedule.