09/27/2007 09:21 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Time To Take The 24 DVDs Off The Straight Talk Express?

I hear John McCain can only afford to fly commercial these days, and I think we know how he is filling up the hours during those frequent DC to Manchester flights.

You might remember that back in early 2006, Senator McCain made an appearance on Fox's 24. The only Vietnam Veteran and POW in the Republican presidential pack was reduced to a file folder flipping flunky in his seconds-long cameo. As an actor, I guess he's no Fred Thompson.

Anyway, it's not a stretch to say that McCain is a 24 nut who is probably awaiting January's new season as eagerly as the rest of America. So much that he's decided to work the recreation of a fictional Counter Terrorist Unit into his next big campaign speech, which will be delivered at the Hudson Institute this morning:

I would also set up a new civil-military agency patterned after the Office of Strategic Services in World War II. A modern-day OSS could draw together unconventional warfare, civil-affairs, paramilitary and psychological-warfare specialists from the military together with covert-action operators from our intelligence agencies and experts in anthropology, advertising, foreign cultures, and numerous other disciplines from inside and outside government. In the spirit of the original OSS, this would be a small, nimble, can-do organization that would fight terrorist subversion across the world and in cyberspace. It could take risks that our bureaucracies today are afraid to take - risks such as infiltrating agents who lack diplomatic cover into terrorist organizations. It could even lead in the front-line efforts to rebuild failed states. A cadre of such undercover operatives would allow us to gain the intelligence on terrorist activities that we don't get today from our high-tech surveillance systems and from a CIA clandestine service that works almost entirely out of our embassies abroad.

Just what America needs: another agency with a new acronym in our Intelligence Community.