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Edwards: Torn Between Two Lovers?

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You remember the song? "Torn between two lovers, feelin' like a fool. Lovin' both of you is breakin' all the rules."

Seems particularly apt as we watch the reported inner turmoil John Edwards is having over the endorsement of his two former rivals. Is it just me or is it increasingly unseemly for John Edwards to pretend he doesn't have an opinion on this? Isn't this a perfect example of the "triangulating" that Edwards accused Hillary of engaging in? Coming at an issue from two opposing angles so that you're covered either way?

Is that the way he would have made decisions if he'd been elected Commander-In-Chief? Seems to me that a president is often forced to make decisions in far less time and with far greater consequence (Katrina, anyone?). Yet after 18 debates he's still not sure?

Maybe that's because Edwards' endorsement decision is not really about who he thinks should be president. Maybe it's about who he thinks WILL be president. And it may be that Edwards is trying to figure out what's in it for him and in so doing he shows us what he was really in it for. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the politics-as-usual that he claimed to be so far above.

This is the time for John Edwards to remember his hero JFK's sentiment and ask not what can be done for him but we he can do for us. Can he help unify the party? Can he help unify the country? Obviously, if the people thought he could do those things he'd still be in the race. However, leadership is an internal thing not an external one. It comes from within and in the best of cases it rises up when one is without. In other words, you don't need to be elected a leader in order to act like one.