04/09/2007 09:01 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reading The Pictures: Bush Takes Over Command In Afghanistan... And Other Hallucinations




Yeah, it's like I just told you.

I'm in the humvee, on the radio, and then I see the new C.O. coming. Except, he isn't in uniform; he's wearing a suit. Yeah, a grey suit. The shirt? It was white -- with a blue tie.

It gets better though. Or worse, I should say. Walking back to camp, I see him again. This time, he's instructing the IED unit on the new robot. He makes it go this way, that way, every which way.

When I got up today, my head seemed much clearer ... until I stepped out of the barracks. Then I saw him again, checking out the armor, marching straight as a stick.

It's unimaginable a guy in civvies could be running the unit. Although no one else around here seems to notice.

Maybe that fourth rotation puts you over the edge?

For more on last week's hyper-realistic Ft. Irwin photo op (if you thought it was Afghanistan, Karl loves you!), wake up here at BAGnewsNotes.

(image 1 & 3: Jason Reed/Reuters. image 2: Jim Watson/AFP. Fort Irwin, California. April 4, 2007. via YahooNews)