Reading The Pictures: American Bombing Of Sadr City: Like Qana, But Without The Attention?

05/01/2008 12:55 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Now that the U.S. -- desperate to protect the Green Zone, and avoid a Saigon-style evacuation -- is actively bombing Sadr City, what is the difference between what the Americans are doing , and what the Israelis did in Qana during the '06 Lebanon war?

Above is Monday's photo of two-year-old Ali Hussein, pulled from the bombed rubble of his home, who died shortly after in the hospital. It's the shot which could have, would have and otherwise should have woken up all the sheep and cast a fiery and pin-pointed attention on the urban carnage inflicted on an overcrowded, poverty-stricken, urban Baghdad slum by U.S. fighter bombers.

So I ask, what is the difference -- in morality, shock effect and potential political fallout -- between the shot from Sadr City above, and the near-identical scene below that rocked the world, shamed the Israelis, and burned Qana into the world's consciousness ... besides the lack of media access and attention?


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(image 1: Karim Kadim/AP. April 29, 2008. Sadr City, Baghdad. via Kansas City Star. image 2: ©Tim Fadek. July 30, 2006. Qana, Lebanon. Used by permission. Please seek permission before re-use.)