04/24/2008 05:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reading The Pictures: Taking On Ayers, Etc.


Since it's been a little while, I thought I'd check in again with TIME political analyst and visual connoisseur, Mark Halperin. And surprise, featured on Mark's home page today is a double-dose of guilt-by-association.

In the first instance, we find a "gotcha" mug shot of Bill Ayers the (much) younger, situated to the right (in reverse-chronological order) as homeland terrorist. The professor is the now recognized as "former Weather Underground activist and Obama acquaintance." And the salience here? Well, according to Helperin, Ayers makes the political news for, umm... staying out of the news. (This graphic is slightly enlarged from the home page. By the time I went to clip it, Mark had moved it off the main page.)

And then, leading off The Page all afternoon was the infamous Reverend Wright, the resonance of those stained glass windows foregrounded by a sweater with a more tribal motif. And the caption, and spin in play here? Failure to apologize ... to Mark, I guess.

With such impressive digital innuendo, Mark Helperin must fancy himself going head-to-head with Drudge.

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