Reading The Pictures: Killer Ratings For NBC News Cho

04/19/2007 05:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


What I'd like to ask NBC is, why the cold feet?

Having decided to identify yourself as "The Official Network of Deranged Homicidal Sociopaths," why did you stop half-way?

I mean, really. Do you think Mr. Cho would have had any problem if you had first passed these pics to your photoshop guys, scoring a little more coverage with the logo across your boy's hat, his vest, on his shirt, on his glove?

C'mon, where's your pride?

... And then, what was that rumor I heard? Were you guys actually considering taking half the profit from the photos to fund some community mental health clinics -- since insurance (for those who can actually afford it) barely reimburses for psychological claims???

Oops, my mistake.

To view the co-sponsored slide-show, leading off with a shot of that fascinating and fortuitous express mail envelope that contained NBC's booty -- click here. (And, to the NYT: Thanks for the warning!)

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