02/06/2008 12:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reading The Pictures: McCain's Deathly Bling


Near the end of the Vietnam war, Bob Dole started wearing a bracelet in honor of an American POW in Vietnam, but never told a soul. In comparison, McCain started wearing one just before the New Hampshire primary, in the name of a young American killed in Iraq, but he's been having no problems flaunting it (especially in this recent, blatant collusion with TIME Magazine).

It wasn't until over twenty years had passed, by the way, that Dole finally revealed the name on his wristlet -- a soldier named John McCain. (See link below.)

What is it going to take -- both for the media, and the larger public -- not to automatically turn into sheep whenever and however anyone invokes the name of "the troops?"

We see the practice here at its most thoroughly callous, "The Phoenix" not just rising on the backs of dead young Americans, but gesturally and defiantly basing a presidential claim on it.

...But excuse me if I have to run, I've got to check on my Ebay bids for my own U.S. fatality bracelet. As of this morning, I've got at least 3,869 possibilities to explore!

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(image: Joe Pugliese. February 4, 2008 cover. TIME.