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Reading the Pictures: Stephen Crowley's Extraordinary Photo of Santorum at an African-American Church

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A few take-aways on this wonderful shot by the NYT's Stephen Crowley of Santorum's train wreck addressing a black church in Florida:

1. God, please tell the Pastor to let us have our cellphones!

2. Hopefully Rick, you and your friends will think twice next time about all the food stamp baiting.

3. The campaign has been full of photos making fun of the candidates (1, 2) but this is something more genuine, honest ... and disturbing. It's a true "emperor's new clothes" moment, not to mention a brilliant example of the photojournalist refusing to play along.

(via NYT Florida primary slideshow. caption: Mr. Santorum addressed the congregation at the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach on Jan. 22.)


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