Erratic Is Not Enough

11/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

There's that saying: "As goes Joe Scarborough so goes the nation." I think that's a saying? This morning on MSNBC Joe wrapped up his show by proclaiming that he believes John McCain has one chapter left in his campaign and will tighten the race before the election. This sent a "cold chill" up my spine.

If anyone knows anything about the independent voter it's Joe. Believe it or not: this Ayers thing is gaining momentum. This country has a short attention span and the economy debate is starting to make people a little bleary eyed. At this point it's pretty obvious that the economy is getting worse and worse. It's bumming people out. I'm sensing a collective, "Can we talk about something else, please?"

All of the economic vocabulary is hard to decipher but Hippy radicals with bombs and black preachers with a bone to pick are topics that people can wrap their minds around. It's pulp fiction but who doesn't love a good read? The collective attention span for any one issue is two weeks and Obama's two weeks are up. A note to Obama: no more counter punching. Throw the first punch and throw it hard. They are calling you a terrorist! A terrorist! And you're response? "He's erratic." Sorry but that's not good enough.

Four weeks is a lifetime and this is beginning to feel a lot like '04. Hit him where it hurts and don't let up: he's a rage-filled old man with a hunger for power who will do anything and say anything to become President. To use an economic term, John McCain is a leader this country can't afford. He's a sell out as in he sold his soul. He picked a hockey mom from Alaska to be his running mate and potentially the next president. What more proof of his poor judgment do we need?

John McCain doesn't care about the American people. He doesn't care about war veterans or soldiers. He doesn't care about the economy. He only cares about power. That's not rhetoric. it's the truth. So here's a few words to use besides "erratic": dictator, tyrant, despot.