06/03/2010 10:18 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Annals of Marriage: The Gores Depart the Stage

So...political marriages are, we learn practically every day, a key political variable. And, too, that perhaps nobody's marriage survives middle age (even those that appear to survive, probably haven't). It's the elemental subject of our time. Or it's a boring subject. If you live apart a lot you grow apart. If you live together you grow apart. But why, if you can live apart, would you actually need to declare yourself apart? So it must be an affair. Or, on the other hand, definitely not an affair. "After a great deal of thought and discussion, we have decided to separate..." Really? Or, more likely, after a long period of hardly talking at all, they decided to separate. "I've had it, let's just get a divorce," says, one, trying to provoke the other. "Hmmm, well, yes, OK," says the other. Bluff called.

It's nobody else's business, anyway.

"I know people are feeling surprised, but there's just not a lot of drama behind this," said someone, identified as a Gore "close friend and adviser," to the Times. "They remain very close friends." Now, what are the chances of that? And yet...perhaps. That is...if you can afford to separate, literally afford to keep everybody economically whole, and to not damage children, or careers, and, in fact, to be all pretty copacetic about the whole damn thing, why wouldn't you?

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