It's Not Obama's World

06/29/2010 09:42 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The world seems to be running away from the president.

Pakistan, our ally (with a little critical interpretation), is pushing to undermine or sideline or ignore our presence and interests in Afghanistan by negotiating a separate peace among the Afghan government, various Taliban forces, and itself--which would make our mission there extremely odd (we would be fighting our allies) and likely untenable.

Europe has bolted from the president (and Paul Krugman) in its determination to pay down debt rather than continue to invest in the still-fragile recovery, forcing the US to actually endorse (or stand out in the cold) the European plan to cut debt loads in half by 2013--a move the president's intellectual ally, Krugman, says means a long depression.

How did the president, this man of dialogue, willing to negotiate with any and all, opposed to going it alone, find himself pretty much without international friends and supporters on two of the most critical efforts of his presidency?

It's actually reasonable to assume this is even more serious than it seems because a big point about having allies is that they fudge differences for each other so that, even in times of high stress and profoundly divergent opinion, everybody can still avoid public humiliation and get a positive press release.

Seems like we're very close to humiliation.

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