NYC Section: Is the WSJ Turning In Its Grave?

07/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Wall Street Journal has been covering New York City with a dedicated metro section and staff for a week now--and boy is it ghastly. Inside what is still one of the best papers in the world, the new section is a discordant and confounding presence--which may account for the eerie or sheepish quiet about the thing. Everybody's abashed.

Try this lead: "The mounted patrol officer who put himself between a smoking car bomb and a crowd of people in Times Square--despite being months from retirement--says he was just doing his job."

It's a museum of insipid newspaper-isms. There's the flat-footed and obvious: "Video Image Search Proves Painstaking." The encomiums to anyone who seems the least civic-minded: "Quick-witted Office Praised." The belabored metaphors: "Heart of Tourism Keeps Beating." And, always, the dogged search for good news in our city: "Police, Vendors on Same Team." With the capper: "Real Soccer Moms Do More than Stand on the Sidelines."

And all this the day after Time Square almost gotten blown up.

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