What's Wrong with Jennifer Aniston?

11/10/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This has turned her into the biggest star in the nation (I may not be current with my 'biggest' numbers, but she's up there).

What is the attraction of this patheticness?

Is America a nation of dumped and unrequited women? Is the common experience the failed relationship? The recalcitrant man? Yes, obviously.

Still, it's an unexpected message: Life is a disappointment, the chances for happiness recede, nobody is getting any younger. The girl next door is now revealed to be an existential character. The saccharine is bitter.

And this is big box office: Marketers and philosophers pay attention.

Curiously, she is not, unlike so many, a celebrity who people wish a pox upon. People seem to wish Jen well. You'd think that after so many failures and letdowns and glum magazine interviews, people would begin to turn away. And it doesn't even seem to be the case that people (well, women) are yet urging her on, believing in the next time. Quite the opposite. The subtext is that this is never going to happen for her.

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