08/12/2013 11:29 am ET Updated Oct 12, 2013

Woman Wins Fake Contest and Receives an Underwater Scuba Diving Proposal [VIDEO]

Zahra is OBSESSED with online contests. She always enters any she can find and sometimes she even wins. But Zahra could have never known that when she entered a contest on Travel Blog California, she was about to win the best prize of her life. Her boyfriend Karim enlisted the help of The Heart Bandits to create a fake website and a fake contest as part of his marriage proposal. The website was created and after a couple of posts the big news was announced: A free flight to California to interact with sea lions and scuba dive in the famous Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach would be given away. Zahra, thinking it was a long shot to win such an amazing prize, entered anyway. A couple weeks later, the winner was announced and it was Zahra.

Zahra told all of her friends and family about winning the prize and they could not believe the news. But soon plane tickets arrived and everyone realized that it was true. Zahra and Karim boarded a plane to California and soon they were in the aquarium enjoying her prize. Zahra and Karim got to help train sea lions and then they were off to what they were most excited for, the scuba diving. Scuba diving is a big part of their relationship. When Karim first met Zahra, he had always wanted to become certified but he just didn't have the motivation. Zahra pushed him to do it and that is one thing that they share in common and that they love to do. They spent some time diving in the aquarium and then they were led to a water tunnel where a crowd had formed after learning what was about to happen. Karim swam over to the area where his signs were hidden and he displayed them one by one. After he showed all of the signs to Zahra, he pointed to a banner that said, "You are my lobster, Will you marry me?" He took the ring off of the string he had tied to his wrist under his wetsuit and proposed. Zahra said "yes" and they both took off their masks for an underwater kiss.

After the proposal, the couple was interviewed by Still Moments Studios about their proposal. The videographer asked Zahra how she felt about the fact that Karim set up this whole fake contest and her reply was, "It was fake?" Congratulations Karim and Zahra!

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