Protesters, Get a Life

10/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"The only way some people look good is to make others look bad."

GIVE ME A BREAK: protesters, tours, and garbage rats, what the hell is wrong with you people? You want to solve the case of missing Caylee Anthony how about walking during the search, checking tips the authorities felt were not warranted, make some calls, post a flyer on your blogs and/or websites, but the avenues some of you are taking are just down right inhumane and unbelievable.

Lorraine, get a life would you; going through the Anthony's trash, I must say that is not only disgusting but also you must have no life. Even rats are better to have as a pest then the Lorraine's of the world. God forbid the Anthony's wanted to have pizza for dinner or send a note to the media, but have no fear Lorraine is there: woman you are no Cagney or Lacey.

Tour buses? I wouldn't pay to see the Nichole Simpson-Brown's home and yet seniors are being bussed in to bother the Anthony family, the bus companies should be fined; isn't there a weight limit in an community with a homeowners association? Where are the authorities? Not only are they not protecting the Anthony family but also none of the residents in that community, this is just unbelievable and down right upsetting where our tax-dollars aren't going.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and this includes the likes of Casey Anthony. Despite what all of you believe, right now you are doing no justice to the hope of bringing Caylee home. Protesting, teaching your children how to hate, disturbing an entire community of residents, and being the KKK of Central Florida against the Anthony family, if anyone is to go to jail it should be all of you for provoking this family to your discussing hatred acts instead of joining forces with them to help find their granddaughter.