Don't Let Dodd Take the Fall on This One

04/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Overall, Senator Chris Dodd is one of the good guys immersed in the brutal machinations of the AIG debacle. He did not do this by himself. Can't you smell a good old "tar and feather" campaign when you smell one? The Republicans have targeted him for the fight for his seat in 2010, and now suddenly he is the subject of talking points from the RNC. Come on guys, let's "grow a pair" a la Senator Olympia Snowe! She is not crying in her milk because her co-authored amendment (with Senator Wyden) that could have prevented this mess did not make it into the bill. She's rolling up her sleeves for the next round.

Isn't it mysterious that the good guy, and boringly so, Chris Dodd is the fall guy? Let's not be silly about all this. It takes more than one cook to stir this pot of malarkey, and I smell a stinking rose.