09/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Free At last! Free At last! Thank God Almighty, (They) Are Free At Last!"

The two American journalists have been pardoned after an unprecedented meeting between former President Bill Clinton and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

From what we can see of these quiet negotiations, this was diplomacy at its best, orchestrated by President Obama and the "Ambassador to the World," aka former President Bill Clinton. We will never know what really went on behind the curtain, but what we can be sure of is that everything possible was done to obtain the release of these two young women that worked for Current TV.

Freeing Laura Ling and Euna Lee was not trivial. And in the words of Martin Luther King, they are free at last!

Citizen journalists beware. Watch where you step! Don't stumble over a border as three citizen activists, and sometime journalists, did over the weekend. Diplomatic relations are stretched thin with Iran at this moment after the riots in the streets. And now we have another conundrum with three American citizens in guest quarters of the Iranian government. Maybe let's keep a lower profile for awhile. Don't hike over borders of hostile governments for the next year or two. Give President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the time to rebuild American relations around the world and recover from the Bush years.

Frankly, at this moment in time, the release of these two young women is a modern miracle.