08/22/2008 07:46 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

High Drama at the Democratic Corral

Are we reliving the O.K. Corral when the gunslingers appear at a prescribed time and fight it out? Who will be left standing? Will this VP announcement achieve the lifelong fame or that gunfight?

It certainly feels that way and is turning out to be great theatre in Democratic circles with a gasp for breath at CNN. Alas, as it nears the end of the day on the West Coast and we still don't know.

It's sheer brilliance to send it out first to the millions of supporters by text message bringing the populace together into this monumental decision. Certainly, it will obscure all other news and dominate the Sunday talk shows going into the Convention.

As the time comes closer, we wait with anticipation. The quintessential questions are whether it will energize the Obama campaign, spike the polls, bring the Party together, and most importantly, undo the damage from the Pastor Rick interviews last weekend.

Stay tuned or at the least keep your phone close.