03/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hysteria is So Yesterday: This Is a Media Wake Up Call

As we go into the State of the Union address this evening, it is time to give Obama a break. Democracy is messy. The president is allowing the work to unfold and the Republicans, the Blue Dog Democrats and even some of the Progressives don't like it one bit.

Does the Governor of Louisiana really believe that he can turn down the stimulus money in a state ravaged by Katrina? Will Governor Haley Barbour leave his people out in the cold even in Mississippi? And Senator McCain please stop the attacks, you know that we're in a world of hurt, and the president and his team are shoveling as fast as they can.

Guys get over it. Hysteria, media consternation and grandstanding is so yesterday. Obama time is a new time in which everyone can now take a step back, dig deep and breathe deeply. We voted for change and the President is step by step moving the train forward toward a land of recovery, albeit the journey will be long and tedious. He is not hysterical. He is not grandstanding. He is not mired in corruption. This president's calm demeanor is what we asked for in this past election.

We as a society must have the chance to heal from the abuses of the last eight years. We have emerged shell shocked and beset by desperation about the state of our world, and our lives. We've seen the blood run down the streets during the War in Iraq. We've been duped and taken advantage of by our political and financial leaders. Our homes are at stake, our health care is at best tenuous, and the future is uncertain. There is a deep sense of instability permeating the culture, and the last thing we need is the media stirring the proverbial pot. Emotions rule the financial markets. If we can only take a big step back to remember that hysteria is so yesterday - we may emerge faster then anticipated. We can change the emotional tone of this country, and move from the politics of fear to the politics of hope.