12/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Richardson is the Innovator We Need in Commerce

Here we go again! All the media pundits seem to be missing the boat on the brilliance of the selection of Governor Bill Richardson as the next Secretary of Commerce. Many have been just too eager to pigeon-hole him in the role of foreign affairs and stir the controversy missing the real beef of this Governor's legacy in the State of New Mexico.

This man is innovative. We need someone willing to think out the box and attract the best talent to implement and manage. That is Big Bill from the far off land of New Mexico.

Here are the facts: over $2B in revenues and jobs are now coming into New Mexico from Hollywood; the chip giant Intel in a partnership with the State built one of the world's fastest super computers right outside of Albuquerque; venture capital firms have been created to invest in start-up ventures; and partnerships have been formed with titans of private industry. He's got a team of the best and brightest, and even raided Princeton for his young energy advisor who is spearheading innovations for the Western states on climate crisis.

If that was not enough, last spring Richardson sealed one of the largest private and public partnerships with Sir Richard Branson and the State of New Mexico to build the next generation space station. The net is that there are more jobs, and more money and more programs for advanced education - all benefiting the people and the economy of New Mexico for the long term as we all weather the blight of this financial roller coaster.

If he could do a fraction of this on a national level, we would be lucky ducks.

So next time you wonder what Obama was thinking, muse over the facts and applaud him for his shrewd insight in appointing Richardson to help reinvent commerce for the US.

What do you think?

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