There is Something Wrong with This Picture. Insurance and Financial Services Companies Run Wild in the Main Streets of America.

10/14/2009 03:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The machinations of today’s US politics are enough to bring even the most hopeful to their knees in despair. Health care reform appears to have become the symbol for unholy political warfare between liberals aka Democrats, and the conservatives aka Republicans. The residual animosity is shouted out by the talk show pundits far and wide. And though emotionally laden all of this has little to do with anything other than power, money and greed. If one were to deflate the piñata, the goodies falling to the floor would still be scooped up by big business. We are still in the claws of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, regardless of what the so called experts say. Insurance and financial services companies alike are running wild in the Main Streets of America. It’s not just Wall Street that is at fault. The consumer credit lending companies must cease and desist in the indiscriminate raising of interest rates. It’s plain and simple. What is good for one is good for all the Bad Boys (and Girls) that litter the road to financial recovery of the everyday US citizen.

Why should the health care insurance companies expect anything else then what they have witnessed over the last year? Why should their premium hikes be controlled when no one else’s have been? In this case, the rocky road is not paved with good intentions. If the goal is cost containment for the health care insurance providers, then it must be pervasive and painted with a broad brush across the landscape. Consider the everyday American who cannot refinance their mortgage because they do meet the guidelines because the debt they are carrying is too high. Further consider the same everyday citizen who is being crippled by consumer debt interest rates skyrocketing. How can they continue to carry their debt with the escalation of interest rates? No one has been immune to the gyrations of the consumer lending giants. And now health care insurance providers (if they are lucky enough to have health insurance) are threatening unprecedented premium hikes if Congress moves legislation forward. There is something very wrong with this picture.

It is well understood that the US has been pulled back from the brink of a total, global financial collapse only one year ago. Further, it is understood that the Bad Boys of Wall Street had to be protected because they told us they had the secret decoder rings to keep the generators running. Frankly, it was too dangerous to question them given how perilously close to the edge we had been left by the past Administration. Skillfully and adroitly the new President navigated these unchartered waters, and got us rowing away from extinction. So this is not a rant on the Presidency, but rather it is a plea for a game change.