Yikes! Bill Did NOT Upstage Hillary Again

09/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Can't we all take a moment and rejoice in the return of these two young women without throwing rotten tomatoes at our own Madam Secretary of State? It's bad enough that former UN Ambassador, John Bolton is doing his Nikita Khrushchev imitation banging his shoe on the desk in rage. This was a tremendously delicate situation with North Korea. If it took Bill Clinton showing up to pick up the American journalists, so be it. What matters is the outcome period. The two women were allowed to come home to their lives, and diplomatic channels have been re-opened with North Korea. If for any reason we think that the Secretary of State, the State Department, President Obama, the former Vice President Al Gore and the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee were not involved, you are delusional.

The take away from this episode in the saga of US foreign relations is that President Obama's calm, methodical teamwork is effective. It got the job done. He brought in the best team and stepped back and let everyone do their job. At long last, there is competence. May we learn from it and move forward. That is the teachable moment.