03/22/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Diet And Exercise for People Who Don't Diet or Exercise

It's January, which of course means we're all trying to improve, resolve, get hotter, etc. Because we enjoy things that are easier than they should be, we found some simple ways to get in your "workout."

Work Out While You Walk


The latest iPod Nano ($149) has a pedometer built in - track your steps while you walk, and challenge yourself to do a few more each day. If you don't want an iPod attached, just carry the Omron Digital Pedometer ($22.99) in your handbag, and find out your steps, distance, and calories burned at the end of the day.

Fix Up Your Health Habits


To make sure your slouching habit is in check, grab an iPosture ($49.95), a little button you can clip to your bra. It vibrates when you slouch, reminding you to sit up straight all day.

Hyp Yoga DVDs ($39.99) combine yoga and hypnosis, letting you relax while you work out and all the while helping to change self-defeating eating habits.

Fashion That Gives You A Workout


The accessories above are actually stealthy fitness aids: Banglz ($27.99 for 2), which basically look like cloth-covered bracelets, are half-pound weights that help tone arms while you do everyday lifting (i.e. drinking your coffee).

FitFlop Mukluks ($112), shearling booties you can either wear at the ankle or turn down to reveal a fuzzy cuff, help tone your legs and butt while you walk.

Wear both together and you're practically doing a strength circuit.

Almost Effortless Dieting


We're pretty lazy about dieting, and downsizing portions is frankly easier than not eating ice cream at all. Measure Up Bowls ($29.99 for 2) have lines that mark out portion sizes right inside the bowl - Just scoop your ice cream up to the quarter-cup line, and you'll know you're not eating more than you should be.