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Our Survey Says: Yes, Luxury Spending Goes On

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We asked, our readers answered: we wanted to know whether women would still spend more than $500 on fashion and beauty items - whether it's a coat, jewelry, a handbag or a killer pair of over the knee boots.

Of our 764 respondents, 49.9% said they would.

We're particularly impressed that 13% of of those who responded that they would indeed spend over $500 on something, said they would spring for two or more of the items in question.

Our questions and comments below - what are yours?

  • New York Fashion Week has recently concluded, and all the attendant craziness that had ebbed last season is back. Are there still customers for 900 polyurethane leggings?
  • Fewer women are spending big bucks on boots than anything else - is it maybe because inexpensive shoes are prettier than ever?

We'd love to hear your thoughts. View the full results here.