05/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Things That Are Useful This Week, Because We're Not Quite Ready For Spring

A collective cheer could be heard from our office last week as we checked the weekend weather report, and we've been unwittingly working later because of the sun.

That said, we're still in the awkward transition phase. Right now, we're a little pale, a little less toned than we'd like, and a little unprepared to energetically jaunt around for warm weekend trips. Help is below.

Because we've been indoors and wearing sunscreen.


It's quick, lacks ultraviolet rays, and rhymes with itself: Model Co.'s Tan in a Can is like the airbrush they use at those spray tan salons, but cheaper and easy to tote around. The color isn't orange-y, and it even smells good. Sold.

Because - big surprise - we wish we'd spent more time at the gym.


It's not time for summer dresses just yet, thankfully, so for the moment we're sticking with one of these tummy-hiding silhouettes, like the empire waist dress, above, by Ella Moss. Isn't it so much easier to get motivated for a workout when it's sunny?

Because we never have a gallon-sized plastic bag in the house.


Even though we know those TSA regulations by heart, there never seems to be a large enough clear Ziploc around the night before a trip. This clear cosmetics bag by Kate Spade eliminates the problem, because it's cute enough to store makeup in between trips, too.

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