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House Tour: Inside President John F. Kennedy's Childhood Home, Which Is Open To The Public

(30) Comments | Posted August 10, 2015 | 2:10 PM

November 22, 2015 will mark the 52nd anniversary of the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. To honor his life and remember this tragedy, the National Park Service keeps his childhood home open for seasonal house tours.

At the nine-room house located...

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10 Funny Doormats That Completely Spoke Our Minds

(6) Comments | Posted March 4, 2015 | 12:28 PM

We have to admit, when we go to visit someone's home we’re usually looking at the color of the front door, how their doorstep is decorated and for a cool or unusual welcome mat.

You may be wondering why we’re scoping out these front door...

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Mauvaises odeurs: comment désodoriser des chaussures qui sentent mauvais

(6) Comments | Posted May 2, 2014 | 10:13 AM

Et si, en rendant visite à des amis ou de la famille, vous découvriez soudain, en enlevant vos chaussures dans l'entrée... que celles-ci dégagent une odeur plutôt pestilentielle.

Pour éviter la honte d'être responsable d'embaumer la maison des autres, Yahoo a trouvé des trucs intéressants pour désodoriser...

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(0) Comments | Posted December 10, 2013 | 6:56 PM


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6 Amazing Home Renovations You Have To See To Believe (PHOTOS)

(6) Comments | Posted October 27, 2013 | 11:02 AM

There's nothing like a good home renovation to really get you inspired to revamp your space. We're lucky enough to be featuring the most amazing before and after photos of fabulous projects thanks to our friends at Architectural Digest. The end-results for each entryway, garden room and living...

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Life Hacks From 100 Years Ago That You'll Still Want To Know Today (PHOTO)

(113) Comments | Posted October 27, 2013 | 10:42 AM

You know... everyone thinks the thought of a life hack is just some new thing created by folks on the internet. But as this Reddit post is showing, people have been thinking of clever ways to create easy solutions for over a hundred years.

User MakeMeASteak uploaded these...

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10 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas That Are Better Than Traditional Jack O'Lanterns (PHOTOS)

(3) Comments | Posted October 26, 2013 | 10:51 AM

No-carve pumpkin ideas are the easiest way to get festive for Halloween. Even though they are less work, the possibilities of creating something fun and unique are endless. Plus, your manicurist will totally thank you for not spending hours digging into orange mush. To help inspire you, we've...

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What Do You Get When You Marry A Stylist? Your Dream Home, Of Course (PHOTOS)

(5) Comments | Posted October 25, 2013 | 8:11 AM

Everyone thinks their home is pretty much perfect. That is until you have a designer walk through and quickly realize your art is hung too high, the paint colors are all wrong and there really isn't a flow to your space at all.

This is exactly what happened to...

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Michael S. Smith Completely Transformed This Majorca Home With Just Decor (PHOTOS)

(4) Comments | Posted October 24, 2013 | 8:26 AM

When renovating a home, it's important to fix problem areas while accentuating original structures that make the home unique. Basically, there's no need to move walls or complete a total gut job in order to get the look and feel you want. And no one knows that better than interior...

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Great Halloween Ideas From 9 Awesome Pinterest Boards (PHOTOS)

(3) Comments | Posted October 23, 2013 | 2:20 PM

Before you know it, Halloween will be here, and if you're still looking for some inspiration to get you into a festive spirit, we've got your back. We rounded up nine awesome Pinterest boards that are filled with great Halloween ideas. Whether you're looking for ghoulish decorations, costumes,...

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Genevieve Gorder Gets Dirty At HGTV When She's Not Dishing Out Design Tips (PHOTO)

(5) Comments | Posted October 22, 2013 | 3:36 PM

You probably know HGTV star Genevieve Gorder as that gorgeous blond who has quite a knack for design... and being barefoot. But in a new interview with HudsonMOD, we're learning more about the 39-year-old guru (yeah, we couldn't believe it either) than ever before.

Gorder was...

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Find Out If Someone Died In Your House Thanks To A New Website, DiedInHouse.Com

(201) Comments | Posted October 22, 2013 | 1:23 PM

Has someone died in your house? It's a question that many of us have mulled over, especially if one lives in an older home. Good news is, there's an actual website where you can find out that answer. Bad news is, there's an actual website where you can...

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13 Gray Rooms That Will Completely Change The Way To Look At This Color (PHOTOS)

(7) Comments | Posted October 22, 2013 | 12:32 PM

Many times, the color gray is associated with indecision, bleakness and well, sadness. But actually, this hue can be quite empowering in a room.

According to Sensational Color, gray is the color of intellect, knowledge and authority. It can instantly create the perfect backdrop to a space...

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Konrad Wojcik's 'Primeval Symbiosis' Home Could Be The Coolest Thing Ever (PHOTOS)

(8) Comments | Posted October 22, 2013 | 8:15 AM

The thought of having an octahedron home is pretty sweet, but what about living in an octahedron home that hardly leaves a footprint in nature? Now that would be awesome, right? Well, architecture student Konrad Wójcik wants to make a residence like that possible with his "Primeval Symbiosis"...

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'Revenge' Actress Ashley Madekwe Has A Fabulous Home -- And A Must-See Blog (PHOTOS)

(0) Comments | Posted October 21, 2013 | 4:13 PM

You may know Ashley Madekwe as the former actress on "Revenge," or she might look familiar from her fabulous blog "Ring My Bell." But after seeing her house on Domaine Home, we now know her as the girl with the one seriously gorgeous home....

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Cynthia Collins, Interior Designer, Has A Texas Home That's Feminine, Fresh And Fantastic (PHOTOS)

(5) Comments | Posted October 20, 2013 | 10:25 AM

Remodeling is never easy -- even when you're a famous designer. So, when we saw Cynthia Collins' Dallas, Texas abode on Domaine Home, we had to share her tips and tricks for making her house a real home.

A lot of work went into making this house as...

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Nate Berkus Shares His Rules For Shopping For Decor Abroad (PHOTOS)

(0) Comments | Posted October 17, 2013 | 5:04 PM

We're anxiously awaiting Nate Berkus' One Kings Lane sale this Friday. But to hold us over, Elle Decor sat down with the designer to find to what exactly we should be doing and looking for when shopping for home decor abroad.

Berkus' number one tip: Stay...

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3 Easy Bathroom Ideas That Will Completely Refresh Your Space (PHOTO)

(1) Comments | Posted October 17, 2013 | 1:25 PM

There's no denying that the bathroom is one place in the house that tends to get overlooked. Even though we spend so much time in there, it's easy to just shut the door and forget about it. But we recently came across a guest post by Steph from...

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There Are Treehouses, And Then There's This Tree In A House (PHOTOS)

(7) Comments | Posted October 17, 2013 | 12:41 PM

We're so over treehouses (not really, but stick with us). We're all about trees in houses, like this beauty located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

According to Design Boom, this transparent structure has an open circle in the middle of it, revealing an amazing fir that stands tall throughout the...

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Inside Vincent Kartheiser's 'Japanese-Industrial' Home, Which Pete Campbell Would Probably Hate (PHOTOS)

(16) Comments | Posted October 17, 2013 | 8:49 AM

Like everyone else who loves midcentury design (and good drama), we're huge "Mad Men" fans. So we pretty much fell off our swivel chairs when we saw the gorgeous home of Vincent Kartheiser (a.k.a. the love-to-hate account manager Pete Campbell), in Dwell.

Normally, actors of his caliber would...

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