04/20/2012 03:24 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Why Haven't I Thought of That?!

All too often, we as consumers come across that new invention or product that makes us ask ourselves, "Why haven't I thought of that before?" Many of these great inventions are so ultra-simple that you know hundreds of people have come up with a similar idea before. It's not until they see that "idea" in storefront windows, or advertised in fashion magazines, or "As Seen on TV" ads do they ask themselves, "Why didn't I act on that idea when I had the chance?" The primary reason is fear.

Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of letting down their loved ones and to those who provided support and encouragement. In my case, my biggest fear was letting myself down, and I knew that if I didn't pursue my vision of Miventi Wristlets, I would be a far greater disappointment to myself than if I didn't try at all.

My journey from conception to the execution of creating a functional and fashionable product has certainly put me through an emotional gamut. What seemed to be a barrage of anxiety, stress, headaches, disappointment, drawbacks, doubt and uncertainty seemed to overshadow the occasional small victory. Even still, I would not change it for the world. I feel a transformation in me that I have never felt before. And I know these trials and tribulations have helped me to become not just as a stronger woman but as a better person.

These last few years have definitely been tough, to say the least, and I know there are many more obstacles to overcome. Nevertheless, this experience has educated me not only about the process of manufacturing, of owning my own business and of this wild and ever-changing fashion industry, but more importantly it has taught me just how strong and resilient I can be. To this day it is still surreal for me to think that the idea in which I was only able to visualize through my imagination, the one I had a hard time explaining to people of just how amazing and useful it could be, is finally a reality.

So when you get your next sudden flash of idea, don't diminish your "aha" moment by letting your fear take over. Take the next step towards reaching your dream and let someone else ask themselves, "Why haven't they thought of this before?"

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