08/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Empathy For The Devil

Hart Senate Office Building, Room 216
Was the venue for a skirmish that at times got awfully mean
Judge Sonia came in earnest, her cards laid out on the table
Could the GOP contain themselves? Didn't seem that they were able

What would they dig up; just what was their plan?
They simply could not bear that she is not a white man
Her heritage they tried gingerly not to assail
Yet her nomination they were working to derail

Their antics in large part were payback for Estrada
But in their quest to find a smoking gun they could come up with nada
A George Sr. appointee to the federal bench
Still they tried to paint her as an activist wench

They don't mind judicial activism when the result yielded is "right"
As when SCOTUS, in 2000, gave us eight years of Prez-light
Handing W the election, which it did in Bush v. Gore
So much for restraint -- a concept the Supremes did blatantly ignore

The Judge underscored her belief in stare decisis
Indicating she's unlikely to spark a constitutional crisis
Further, she said the document is not living, but "immutable"
Her constructionist philosophy now clearly irrefutable

She's got more federal court experience than any nom in 100 years
That didn't prevent them from pelting her with fallacious smears
They've crammed the "wise Latina" speech for months now down our throats
Because the truth is they couldn't find anything that floats

A "traditionalist" view of judging she told them she espoused
And still the red staters' passion was collectively aroused
'You believe the heart is what compels legal conclusions!'
"No" she answered, trying to dispel such nonsensical illusions

The good ol' boys knew they couldn't pull off a filibuster
Enough votes they are thankfully unable now to muster
It's clear both sides were drawing lines in the sand
Since Barack's next High Court pick may soon be close at hand

So they resorted to portraying her as a partisan zealot
Certainly her record does nothing to compel it
Thousands of cases in which she's proven a fair jurist
While across the aisle motivations were anything but the purest

Check out the Dixie triplets: Sessions, Cornyn, and Graham
Looking not to investigate, but clearly just to slam
What can we say now about that Party's tent?
So much for meaningful advice and consent

Lindsey called her a bully, sounding quite inane
Especially considering his BFF is John McCain
The "gentleman" from Texas morosely wearing quite a frown
Well, at least he told the Judge she'd get the "up or down"

As for Jefferson Beauregard -- from federal court rejected
(An experience that's clearly left him bitter and dejected)
He claimed the use of life experience "goes against the American ideal"
When will these old Southern guys finally get real?!

But from outside the chamber, Buchanan's topped them all
Didn't really think even he could have such gall
Accusing her of having had "a lifelong resolve to discriminate"
Just the type of propaganda he loves to proliferate

While in her career she's been a model of professionality
He takes perverse pleasure in attacking her nationality
Pat, instead of spending your time on nasty Sonia-bashing
Go find that creek with Todd and hold Levi under till he stops thrashing!!

So, to our friend from the Circuit Second
With these unworthy adversaries you have gracefully reckoned
We look forward to seeing you at One First Street in the fall
As the newest member of The Nine we know you will stand tall