02/15/2011 10:07 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mr. Lee Leaves Washington: Tail Interrupted

There once was a rep named Chris Lee
Whose bod none of us cared to see
He showcased his pecs
(More cut than Glenn Beck's)
Guess he won't run for term number three

I'm "fit fun and classy," he scribed
'Bout his age and profession he lied
Said he had no spouse
(One more Grand Party louse)
Such behavior, in past, he's decried

Did not even change his ID
(But taught kids about cyber safety!!)
Bill Maher proved his wit
With a real clever skit
C'mon now: How! Dumb! Can! You! Be!

A supporter of "Don't ask, Don't tell"
(Seems he knew how to draw from that well)
Showed he knows how to flex
How can this fail to vex?!
This "skindal" he just could not quell

At first he claimed that he'd been hacked
Yet proof of this, oddly, he lacked
His cell snapped the pic
Suck it in Chris and click!
Next he quit before he could get sacked

"I must work this out with my wife"
(By now speculation is rife)
Least he kept on his jeans
Talk about Ways and Means!
Stay tuned for some marital strife

Like Foley, he so swiftly fell
(Let's yawn for this latest death knell)
Didn't fancy a page
She was not underage
From Boehner, tears surely will swell

On healthcare, he voted: Repeal!!
Fund rape victims' abortions? No Deal!!
He'd make proud Eddie Long
(Man, I'm tired of this song)
Send him forth to pump iron with Mike Steele!