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Yes, Virginia, There Is a Disclosure Requirement: Justice Thomas and the Case of the Inadvertent Omission

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A Justice sits on the High Court
For years he chose not to report
Monies paid to his wife
Now the root of much strife
Seems with ethics he failed to comport

Have you guessed of which Jurist I write?
Strict construction, his unending fight
On the bench he says nada
To Dems he's non grata
Clarence Thomas, you say? Why, that's right!

Congressional reps are concerned
About income his spouse, Ginni, earned
How can he be fair
On Affordable Care
When her bosses want it overturned?

Said her income each year totaled "none"
We've now heard the excuses he's spun
Claims a "misunderstanding"
Was it all too demanding?
(With this House Rules ought to have fun)

Heritage paid Virginia's way
To the tune of about 700K
Filing forms he fell short
Bet he'd choose to abort
An ethics probe by DOJ!