06/24/2015 10:26 am ET | Updated Jun 23, 2016

40 is the new 20

After spending the last several weeks gearing up for my big 40... I have to say, I have never felt better.

I decided a couple months ago, as my birthday began quickly approaching, to challenge myself and get my body into better shape.

Launching our new line of sandals, Soak, has brought much joy and success, but like any new venture it also comes with stress! I had been feeling tired and mentally exhausted over the past several months and a few of my annual check ups came with a hearty message from each physician stating... You must exercise to reduce and release the energy due to the added stressors in your life... it's critical! So I committed to working out 5 days per week and I liked how I was feeling so I took it a step further and decided in the final day leading up to D day, I was going tocut out all grains, dairy, alcohol and sugar to see if I could achieve the holy grail.... defined abs.

I stuck to it and signed on for a 30 day body challenge... I made it to the Big 40 on the diet and excercise side, but wouldn't dare give up all the above food groups on my birthday.

I was rewarded plenty with a pool party amongst my closest friends(including my bestie Elena) and hubby at the Sixty LES Hotel, followed by a fantastic garden dinner party at the tres chic Birds and Bubble,s, where we dined on fried chicken and champagne.

Major damage!

However, the next day I eased back into my healthier eating regimen, only not as strict! After all, it's still my birthday week and there is quite a bit of leftover birthday cake to be had. And everything in moderation is what its all about... right?! I am happy to say I also have continued to adhere to the remaining days of the workout too... today being Day 23. No abs yet, but starting to see more definition.

Whether it happens or not, a key thing in life to remember is... always challenge yourself... always push and climb a littler higher... and always have time for play!

40 bring it on!