03/02/2011 04:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Top Chef All-Stars Episode 12 Liveblog: Ellis Island & The Chefs' Families

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03/02/2011 11:16 PM EST

NEXT WEEK: Cooking on the beach. Diving for food. Grease fires.

03/02/2011 11:14 PM EST

Everyone's going to the Bahamas!

03/02/2011 11:11 PM EST

We're losing Carla, aren't we? It's the tough corn. I'm going to start to resign myself now.

03/02/2011 11:10 PM EST

Aaaand, commercials.

03/02/2011 11:09 PM EST

Tiffany, you gave us a soulful dish. Richard, you pulled off good English food. Carla, an exemplary sauce.

Okay, that was just mean.

03/02/2011 11:08 PM EST

Mike: also safe. DAMN YOU, UNIVERSE.

03/02/2011 11:07 PM EST

Winner: Antonia! And, she mentions her daughter again: DRINK!

03/02/2011 11:06 PM EST

Okay, maybe his dead grandma can help him. They're not going to give him the boot. I AM THWARTED FOR ANOTHER WEEK.

03/02/2011 11:05 PM EST

Let the extreme nitpicking begin. I'll go first: is it so hard to pronounce gnocchi correctly?

03/02/2011 11:03 PM EST

Commercials. Million Dollar Listing: "Don't play my sister, because she's like a sister to me." Sigh.

A preview of tonight's action, from Bravo:

When the chef'testants are thrown onto the Ellis Island Ferry and tasked with using the contents of the boat's snack bar for their Quickfire Challenge, can they make something out of nothing on the open water? And when the All-Stars finally dock at Ellis Island, they get a touching surprise when they find their family waiting there! But the pressure is on as the chef'testants must use their family tree to create a winning dish based on their heritage. Who will make it to the Finale and who will "pack their knives" before getting the chance for redemption? Find out this Wednesday 3/2 @ 10/9c on the Top Chef All-Stars

Cooking to Stay: The chefs are frantic as they must fight through equipment issues and second guessing in order to pull off great dishes.

Snack Bar Quickfire: The chefs are thrown for a loop as they prepare their Quickfire dishes in a snack bar on a boat