06/08/2012 07:22 am ET | Updated Aug 08, 2012

Walking The Unfinished Last Section Of The High Line (PHOTOS)

Section 2 of the High Line may have opened to great fanfare last year, but at Untapped Cities we want to show you what's still left to be finished: Section 3.

Design plans for this section, which will run through the Hudson Yards Development, were finally unveiled in March. Due to the unique wraparound layout of the tracks in this section and their proximity to the waterfront, this section of the High Line may be the most striking yet. Currently the Friends of the High Line are looking for funds to restore the original tracks on this section.

Prior to the announcement, Untapped Cities broke into the final section of the High Line to capture nature in its less controlled form--a sight that's a rare treat in New York. I can't divulge how I got in but if you're curious, contact me via Twitter.

For more pictures and information about Section 3 of the High Line, check out the article Untapped Cities.

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The High Line Section 3