A Side by Side Comparison of TV Ads on Maine's Gay Marriage Law

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The right emphasizes the gayducation of children while proponents focus on family values.

Maine legalized same sex marriage this past June but The Right Wing managed to put it on the ballot for this November. Here's how the TV wars are going:

The commercials from the Right do not state the case for why same sex marriage is "wrong," as you'd expect them to do. Instead, they completely focus on the charge that gay marriage is being "taught" to small school children. As if it were part of the curriculum. Apparently, there's some book in some part of a small library that describes the many ways families come together, including same sex marriages.

It's as if the Right has admitted that gay marriage has no effect on the "sanctity of traditional marriage" and instead, wants Mainers to believe that Re-education Camps for little children are spreading everywhere.

Here, have a look:

Fear and smear tactics aside, the focus on gayducating children is actually good news because it means The Right recognizes they've lost the central premise of their argument -- that equality in marriage harms the institution. Debating experts like to say that you should always argue the facts if the facts are on your side. Well, they're not arguing facts.

They say argue the law if the law's on your side. The Right's not arguing the law, either.

And they say if neither the facts or the law is on your side, then pound the table. They're pounding the chairs. Even the table got away from them.

On the other side, marriage equality proponents have shrewdly taken up the family values mantle. It's no longer about fairness and equality, but about preserving the family unit and protecting children. Here, take a look:

Still, you can lose the debate and still win the vote (George W. vs Al Gore anybody?). In fact, the Right is winning 48% to 46% according to the latest survey. Pointing out that truth and love rarely beat fear and ignorance on a level playing field. No one dares count their chickens when the eggs are this close. The Right may be on an intellectual retreat, but that doesn't mean they can't still win the battles ahead.