01/12/2011 02:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How to Find Higher Quality Guys on Gay Dating Sites

Some guys are so clueless on the gay dating sites that the only thing they attract is dust. There are certain rules to meeting gay men on the singles sites -- some are common sense; some are counter-intuitive. Here are my favorite six:

1. Show your face. Profiles with face shots get waaaayyy more hits than those that don't. Here's what most people would think if they saw a headless pic of your body:

a) It must be hard for you to chew food without a mouth

b) You're a closet case who's going to make them sign a confidentiality agreement before they go home with you

c) You've probably got a face that'd knock a buzzard off a gut wagon

d) You're somebody's boyfriend and you don't want him or his friends seeing you online.

Would you expect guys to approach you in a bar if they couldn't see your face? Then why would you expect guys online to do it? Put your face pics in your profile and I promise your hit rate will go up.

2. Smile. Think about it -- would you ever approach somebody in a bar if they had a sneer that would scare Satan's jackals? Of course not.

3. Be Specific In Your Profile. If you want masculine guys, for example, say something like this: "If the only textile you can name is 'denim' we're going to get along. If you can't tell the difference between ecru, cream, off-white, and eggshell, we're going to date. And if you don't have a problem taking a dump in public restrooms because you think the world is your toilet, we're going to get married." Remember, details attract. Generalizations detract.

4. Write An Attention-Getting Headline. Which one of these four profile headers would attract your attention?"

A. "Hello"

B. "You May be the One I'm Looking for"

C. "Looking to Meet New People"

D. "Willing to Lie About How We Met!"

Obviously, the last one. The more unique (and humorous) you can be, the more attention you're going to get.

5. Get A Credible Username. You are not going to attract a quality guy with a username like BlondBottom4U. No, really. You're not. So stop it. Use one that describes some aspect of you, like Skier2010 or Sciencegeek.

6. Connect When You Reach Out. Don't just say "hey," or "what's up." Or worse, "Looking for some hole to plow?" Leave the trash talk for the bedroom. Respond to something in their profile so they know you invested some time in contacting them (as opposed to sending a mass email to everyone with a pulse). For example, if his profile says he's into rock bands then email him with a question like, "Did you see Phoenix when they were in town last month?"

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