04/23/2011 02:32 pm ET | Updated Jun 23, 2011

Dan Savage Gets on the MTV, Savages Maggie Gallagher

FINALLY! Dan Savage will have his own show!

Since becoming an avid listener to his podcast, and watching him gut the hateful (yet supple) Tony Perkins on CNN about Prop 8 two years ago, I've been praying to the GGG gods that this man would be able to reach more people, especially young people, as he did with his "It Gets Better" campaign. Now that his new show called Savage U has officially been given the green light by MTV, he's going to reach many, many more people, which is a blessing to everyone from gay kids to married men who are really into the idea of being sprayed with their wives' breast milk.

But news of this isn't so much a blessing to Maggie Gallagher, head of the anti-same-sex-marriage National Organization for Marriage:

Savage, who for all his experience, does not know what women are like, advises [one recent correspondent] to tell [his girlfriend] openly and honestly what he wants...

See, Dan is a gay man. And gay men do not understand women (as if we straight men do) and therefore should not be advising them. But as Dan points out on his blog and on his latest podcast:

Maggie Gallagher bases her opposition to same sex marriage, in part, on her Catholicism, which is a religion built around guys who don't have sex with women telling women what to do.

And unsolicited, no less!

I may have to buy a TV.

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